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This short article gives an introduction to frequently used butterfly valve materials. For the butterfly valve, we should curently have a certain understanding, there are numerous kinds of butterfly valves, based on the several types of connection, they can be divided into wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves.

In accordance with the closing material, it can be divided into soft closing Bundor DI Butterfly Valve Agent Wanted and steel hard seal butterfly valve;

Based on the traveling mode, it can be separated into handle butterfly valve, worm equipment run butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, electric butterfly valve etc.

Exactly what are the frequently used butterfly valve components?

Frequently used butterfly valve components primarily include cast iron, cast metal, and stainless-steel. Every kind of materials can be subdivided further. Now we shall introduce the fabric of these three types of butterfly valves.

The first category: cast iron

Subdivided into cast iron, you will find grey cast iron, malleable iron, ductile iron, nickel cast iron 4. This article primarily introduces the two types of cast iron components which can be manufactured by Bundor valve, including gray cast iron and ductile cast iron.

Gray cast iron is a cast iron with flake graphite, which is called grey cast iron because the fracture is dark grey when fractured. Gray cast iron is currently probably the most widely used cast iron, along with its output accounts for over 80Percent from the complete output of cast iron.

Gray cast iron throwing properties, cutting overall performance, wear level of resistance are extremely great. Its disadvantages are the reduced strength, ductility and toughness in comparison with other cast irons.

The usage of grey cast iron as Bundor Gate Valve Suppliers Agent Wanted materials is generally suitable for platforms with weak acid and weak bases like water and air, and is also not appropriate for use within pipelines that contains perchloric acidity and nitric acidity.

Ductile cast iron is a kind of high-power cast iron material. Its strength, toughness and put on resistance are very high. Its extensive performance is close to that of metal. Currently, the range of application of ductile iron is second just to grey cast iron. We frequently claim that “iron-based steel” identifies ductile iron.

With ductile iron because the butterfly valve material, it possesses a certain amount of rust resistance, overall performance is much higher than the gray cast iron material butterfly valve, along with its applicable medium includes vapor, general qualities of gas and oil etc.

The 3rd category: stainless steel

Stainless steel refers to steels immune to weak corrosive mass media including air, vapor, and water, and nrsvjk etched mass media such as acids, alkalis, and salts, as well as called stainless acid-proof steels.

Generally stainless Bundor Ball Valve Agent Wanted materials, performance is the greatest, can be used to more severe operating conditions, in a few ultra-higher heat, extremely-low heat, acid and alkali corrosive medium water pipe use, while stainless steel butterfly valve solidity is more powerful, more Wear resistance, lengthiest service life.

The above is the commonly used materials in the butterfly valve. Usually, in accordance with the price, the cost of the stainless steel butterfly valve is the greatest, and also the grey cast iron is definitely the least expensive.